Founded in 1978, CHEMEX INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd is the sole agent of PG Optical Wheel Dresser. Specialize in Injection Molding parts, Motorcycle Mirrors, Lights & Turn Signals, the Machinery of Brake Pad, Lining and Clutch, OEM Rubber Parts, Brain & Heart Matrix .

In 1982, CHEMEX established a manufacturing plant in Tainan specializes in precise molds and plastic injection molding products. The purpose of Tainan plant is to broaden the market of molds and plastic injection molding products outside Taiwan. Along the way, CHEMEX has been actively improving the quality of services. Except for many satisfied customers, our diligent efforts have resulted in the certification of ISO9001:2008.

In 2005, CHEMEX started helping customers whoever wants to setup its own manufacturing plant of Brake Pad, lining and clutch. While experienced in producing brake pad, the CHEMEX-NANHUA Hydraulic Machine is widely used with 90% of Brake System manufacturers in Taiwan, and the major manufacturers of China (Xinyi, Glory), as well as customers in Algerlia, Malaysia, India, Azerbaijan, Iran, Canada, etc. We make the customers' dream realize.

Nowadays, CHEMEX has transformed into an innovative center that specialize in both ODM & OEM products, especially for medical disposable parts and motorcycle parts. Honorably, we have established the FDA registration as a qualified manufacturer of Pathology and Tissue Processing equipment and being the OEM/ODM manufacturer of many well-known organizations such as Leica, Thermo-Fisher, Sakura, etc.

CHEMEX, Makes Ideas Realize